Reuters TV: Islam's sexuality: Art to combat extremism, by Jayson Mansaray
The unbreakable rope exhibition in London brings together art that examines the diversity of sexuality in Islam, in a bid to push back against extremism.

City News meets Harry Seymour, by Lucy Hough
Throughout the history of Islam, there have been pockets of time when sexuality has been a diverse, cosmopolitan and bohemian atmosphere.

Dazed: The exhibition reclaiming sexual diversity in Islam, by Sooanne Berner
In an increasingly hostile climate for Muslim LGBTQI communities, this London art show celebrates diverse sexuality in Islamic history and contemporary culture.

AnOther: Artist Faiza Butt on Exploring Sexuality and Islam, by Harry Seymour
Faiza Butt’s bejewelled imagery has the art world waking up to a glistening history of seduction in Islamic cultures.

Candid: The unbreakable rope – an exploration of sexuality within Islam, by Toby Mellors
The unbreakable rope is a show that raises extremely important questions – its long overdue that ideas of love within Islam are raised and discussed – both Eastern and Western ideas need to be challenged to create a society where people can be free to be themselves, and love each other openly. 

Daily Beast: Why Does Gay Sex Scare Modern Muslims? It Didn't in the Golden Age, by Maajid Nawaz
Colonialism taught Muslims to be ashamed of many things, including sexual orientation. Now they are more intolerant (and maybe more hypocritical) than the Victorians.

Londonist: Review: What's It Like To Be Gay And Muslim? Artists Explore Sexuality And Islam, by Tabish Khan
The Unbreakable Rope is not a critique of religion — it's a recognition that sexuality and religion can often be difficult to reconcile. There are 10 artists in this small exhibition of deeply personal works and several left a lasting impression.

What Is The Point?: Can art tackle extremism? : ‘The Unbreakable Rope’ at Free Word Centre, by Frederica Miller
‘The Unbreakable Rope’ is an exhibition that boldly sets out to explore ‘Sexuality in Islam.’ Currently on show at Free Word Centre, London, it is the first in a series of events organised by Quilliam, a foundation that aims to tackle religious extremism with art.

The Upcoming: Unbreakable Rope: An Exploration of Sexuality in Islam at the Free Word Centre, by Lorna Cumming-Bruce
Western society lives in fear of politically incorrect speech, making discussion of unfamiliar religious doctrine a minefield few are willing to negotiate. London-based think tank Quilliam is bucking this trend; The Unbreakable Rope – an Exploration of Sexuality in Islam is the latest from the counter-extremist foundation.